Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management

SOC values the need for dedicated HR for all positions. HR is considered for us to be one of the most important assets in a company. The organization’s staff is a key metric to its success, since it contributes individually and collectively to the achievement of its objectives. Through our experienced teams in recruitment and talent and HR management, we provide a strategic and coherent approach to managing an organization’s most valued assets - the human capital. SOC is a trusted partner for many global organizations in Iraq. We screen, shortlist and recruit qualified professionals for them and for us.

We also have in place an employment roster that guarantees a transparent and unbiased recruitment process that is consistent with international standards and our core mission.

SOC takes pride in our work of sourcing only the best candidates for any given position. Our tried and tested process ensures peace of mind and a practical experience for our client; a transparent, fair, and honest treatment for applicants; and that the vacancy advertised is communicated as widely as possible and filled as soon as possible.

At SOC, we understand that the need for new personnel can arise at any time. This is why we work swiftly and efficiently to identify and source suitable candidates for our clients within a period of 5 business days. Our HR experts will use their extensive network to advertise the position across multiple channels, ensuring maximum visibility to potential candidates.

Upon receipt of a list of eligible candidates from our clients, SOC will conduct a comprehensive background check of the selected candidates within 2 business days. Our thorough process is designed to weed out unsuitable candidates and provide our clients with a shortlist of top contenders. But we don't just stop at recruitment. SOC also provides induction orientation training to contracted personnel to ensure that they hit the ground running from day one. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive personnel management service that includes service contract, extensions, amendments, payroll, attendance records, leave monitoring, and travel arrangements. Our services are designed to take the burden of personnel management off your hands, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.