Financial Services and Cash Delivery


Financial Services and Cash Delivery

Cash assistance is a popular and critical mode of intervention that donors, agencies, and others adapt in many types of projects, especially in times of humanitarian crises. However, conducting such operations requires technical knowledge, a deep understanding of the political and social context, as well as the beneficiaries. Working with international organizations, SOC implements professional Cash Transfer Services in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, and other parts of the Middle East.

We carry out safe and timely Cash-Assistance Financial Services on behalf of different UN agencies and other NGOs as well as donors and governments to various areas of intervention around the region in line with payment instructions and delivery schedules.

On a technical level, at SOC, we strive to closely communicate with our clients to ensure the most effective and successful cash assistance operations as per the specific information provided in terms of: distribution date(s), location(s), amount of money to be distributed, and delivery instructions (if any). SOC also follows instructions related to health precaution actions and logistics as communicated by the client, including vaccination status and arrival and departure times, and makes sure that all supporting documents such as distribution signature sheets, copies of recipients' IDs, and authorization letters are provided.

As a party with over ten years of experience in this field, and thanks to our financial and socio-political awareness in the MENA region, our field team at SOC guarantees a transparent, professional, and smooth implementation of cash assistance operations, through working side by side with the client in such sensitive initiatives.